Hello! We are Computer Assistance

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Our Company

Computer Assistance is one of the largest independent computer support companies in Oxford.

Unlike other ICT support companies in Oxford, we support both home and business customers with advice from viruses and hardware issues to Servers and Infrastructure design. Based in our new shop we now have over 20 technicians each with their own unique skills that give customers an unsurpassed knowledge base.

As an Oxford IT support, shop and repair centre we are always pushing for higher standards and our staff are working towards ISO9001 standard. As an example of our push towards higher business standards, the prestigious Saïd Business School came to visit us and filmed our business for two weeks. That footage is now used to teach all new MBA students. It is an honor to know that our business is being used as a template to teach anyone who has to work in business. We were delighted to hear they thought we were a breath of fresh air in the business world.