Small piece of lead-pencil. Supposed to be William F. Beck, husband of Mrs. Blanche Beck (337), years 29 Machinist, worked in Gautier. Describe the flood that devastated Johnstown. Brown hair plaited and tied in knot in back. Supposed to be John C. Clark's son. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Weight 120. Pocket-knife. Blue waist, brass buttons. Aged about thirty Blind in right eye. June 15th. Low forehead. Weight 130. Brown hair. Black jersey. Black hair. Female. Of Somerset county. White drawers. Johnstown, Pa. Black cloth pants. Freight filler or car coaler. Body shipped by B.&O. Coleman, Neil M., Wojno, Stephanie, and Kaktins, Uldis. Gold ring with white setting on second finger of right hand. Brown striped dress. Purse with $200 gold. Light hair. Fair complexion, light hair. Female. Age twenty-five. Identified by Mrs. Julia A. Hatzinger. Railroad tickets. $25 00 in paper $1.68 in silver. Age thirty. Revisiting the timing and events leading to and causing the Johnstown Flood of 1889. Catholic. Medium build. Female. Below stomach teeth and two side teeth. Female. Female. Telegraph instruments and chair found with body. Blue waist, plaid dress. Light brown hair. Weight 40 Height 3 feet White. Watch. Male. Plaid dress. Silver watch. Striped skirt. The United States Army Signal Corps estimated that 6 to 10 inches (150 to 250mm) of rain fell in 24 hours over the region. White muslin skirt. Smooth face. Slippers. Heavy woolen coat with rubber buttons. Blue coat and vest. Female. Dark hair. Dark, luxuriant hair. Blue dress, red braid bottom. No goods. Child. Light complexion. Pocket book and papers. HORROR STORIES Supposed to be Mr. Bridge's child. Blue calico waist. Ring on right hand. Two skirts of gray and black barred wool. Black pants with white thread run through. Age about forty-five. Wife of Philip Myers Cinder street, Johnstown. Age twenty five. Age thirty-five. Supposed to be Richard Worthington, a laborer, judging by receipts found on his person. Weight about 140. Black lace tie. Height 5 feet 9 inches. Red skirt with ruffles. Male. Male. Found in Conemaugh river above Company store. Weight about 170. Male child, two years old. Johnstown, PA had always been prone to flooding, but nothing could compare to the tumult that unfolded after a nearby decrepit dam gave out. White handkerchief, red stripe border. Buttoned shoes. Valuables. Oak-leaf breast-pin with three glass sets. White cotton hose, foot mixed with blue. Cash twenty-five cents. As everyone had dreaded, disease followed in the wake of the flood, and typhoid added 40 more lives to the 2,209 that had already died. Age seven years. Blue eyes. Black striped vest. Supposed to be Mrs. Shabler, or Mrs. McClaren, or Mrs. Murphy, of Hotel Brunswick. Black stockings Red belt around waist. Black hair. Age forty-seven to fifty. Locating the bodies was a challenge. Red hair and mustache. Dark flowered calico waist. Blue waist. But at around 10:30 a.m. Thursday - 39 years and one day to the date of the flood - workers with Everett-based Cottle's Asphalt Maintenance found that Yamaha 200 buried in the ground while they . Gingham apron. Weight 50 or 60. Button shoes. One thimble. Buried in lot of A. Age about nine. Brown and white gingham basque. 99 entire families were wiped out, 396 of them, children. Steel spring gaiters. Female. White canton flannel drawers. Pocket-book containing eighteen cents. Dark brown hair. Chain with small bucket charm. Between twenty and thirty houses were destroyed or washed away, and four people were killed. Here is a list of some of the most descriptive facts about the Johnstown flood. Light dress. Pearl buttons on clothes. Light hair. Straw bonnet Black gloves One false tooth. P.R.R. False teeth lower jaw. A flood that could easily have been prevented. Light brown hair. Low shoes. Dark hair. Decomposing bodies and cremated human remains were found at an unlicensed funeral home in Johnstown, New York, police said. Blue eyes. Height 5 feet 9 inches. Freckled. Male child. Male. Age about thirteen. Fair hair. Height 4 feet. Valuables given to his aunt, Ella Mulhern. Wore a "switch." Watch-chain with keys attached. Buttoned shoes Knee pants. John Burkhard, guardian of the above. Female. Button shoes, size about 4 1/2. Gray eyes. One pair of ear-drops. Male. Murphy.). Thin ring on third finger of left hand. Red woolen hose with black feet. Bunch of keys. Dark brown hair. Weight 140. Weight 185. Buried at Prospect, June 9th. Female. Three pair hose, two pair black, one pair black and white stripe. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Two keys. Dark hair. Button shoes. Boy. Back tooth out right side lower jaw. [22] The club was never held legally responsible for the disaster. Full face. Black jersey. Black coat. Blue waist, white stripes. Ring on third finger of left hand with set. Buttoned shoes, with patent leather tips. The story of the Johnstown flood is a significant part of history, not only because of the tremendous loss of life and the dramatic way in which it was lost but also because it . White. Finger-rings and gold stud. Gum rubbers, No. Male. Age twenty-eight Weight 160. Gold watch, No. Male. Male. Slippers tied with black bow. No clothing. Weight about 150. Black pants. Professor of music. Female. Plain gold ring. Square-toed shoes. Age about six years High buttoned shoes with heel. Age thirty-five to forty. Female. Long brown curly hair. Male. Male. Dark hair. Age thirty-five. Fair complexion. 11 cents in pocket-book. Female. Checkered dress. Valuables given to him. Letter from her mother addressed Miss Della Davis, 142 Grant street, Johnstown. Striped calico dress. Dark dress with blue waist. The last victim of the flood was reportedly found in 1911, twenty-two years after the disaster. The Carnegie Library in Johnstown is now operated by the Johnstown Area Heritage Association,[28] which has adapted it for use as the Johnstown Flood Museum. They were buried in the "Plot of the Unknown" in Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown, where a memorial statue stands to this day. Sandy Vale, by friends, June 15th. Valuables placed in hands of her son Patrick. Black jersey. Blue woolen shirt. Black and gray striped skirt. Teeth short and dark. Sandy hair. [3] This fatal lowering of the dam greatly reduced the capacity of the main spillway and virtually eliminated the action of an emergency spillway on the western abutment. $30 in greenbacks. Black woolen socks. Lady's brown cloth basque with plaid front. Female. Blue black ribbed stockings. Female. Prospect, June 14th. Height about 5 ft. 5 in. Age about forty. Blue stockings. Male. Becker kept it under wraps until the time of ASCE's convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1891. They were accused of failing to maintain the dam properly, so that it was unable to contain the additional water of the unusually heavy rainfall. Match safe. Congress gaiters. Age about fifty-five. Black hair. Light brown hair with gray appearance. Black stockings. The Johnstown Flood Antique Book History 1889 by Herman Dieck Illustrated RARE. Light complexion. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Wart on left hand front finger. Identified by her husband, Mr. Henry Viering, formerly reported from Nineveh, was incorrect. Female. Red and black flannel skirt. Identified by her husband. Weight about 70. Brown hair. Age about forty. Height 4 feet 2 inches. Short pants. Height 5 feet 4 inches. White muslin. Blank book bought of Irwin Rutlege, Jr. Small amount of money. Dark clothes. Black stockings, with red and gray stripes on the top. Very large breasts. Buried Prospect, June 10th. Age four years. Age about sixty years. Two collar-buttons. Light complexion Blue waist. Age six years. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Brown and mixed cotton socks. Brown dress. About eight years. Was lost in the Hulbert House. Encyclopdia Britannica. Bunch of keys. Gray eyes. Revered Dr. David J. Beale served as a superintendent of the city morgues after the flood. Other men tried digging a ditch at the other end of the dam, on the western abutment which was lower than the dam crest. Home-knit socks. Light hair. (Package.). Black silk stockings. Pocket-book, $6 35 money. About ten years of age. Ruby ear-rings. The flood was as wide as the Mississippi River and three times more powerful than Niagara Falls. It was, however, the third flood to devastate the town in Cambria County - the first in 1889 killed more than 2,000 . Door key. Age about twenty-one. Buttoned shoes. Sent to Prospect. Black jersey coat. White undershirt. Taken by Jack Watkins, Walnut Grove. Very large. Weight 160. Cuff-buttons. Height 5 feet 2 inches. No valuables or other articles. Two teeth out right side upper jaw. Male. Pleated underwaist. Scapular. Flannel drawers Jacket with flannel skirt. Dark eyes. Black pants. Weight about 140. White shirt. Height 4 feet 2 inches. 7, p.216. Height 5 feet 8 inches. Weight 190. More 1889 flood resources. Portions of the Stone Bridge have been made part of the Johnstown Flood National Memorial, established in 1969 and managed by the National Park Service. Cuff-buttons and collar-buttons. Age twenty-five. Black gray mixed pants. Female. Cambria City Found in residence of George Hamilton. Black skirt Red underwear. Watch chain and two lockets. Plain ring on third finger of left hand (can't take off). One old style carved ring. Weight 50. Inside of locket a star with S. H, words trademark alone a star. Brown waist. Dark blue suit. A pitiful sight was that of an old, gray-haired man named Norn. Height 5 feet 2 inches. Child not more than ten years of age. ($1.68, keys, etc). Weight about 128. Age thirteen. Envelope marked James Lewis, Main street, Johnstown. Buried at Prospect, June 9th. bodies were found as far away as Cincinnati, and as late as 1911; 99 entire families died in the flood, including 396 children; 124 women and 198 men were widowed; 98 children were . Disinterred and found not to be Walter Jones. Six people, including the owner Mr. Schultz, were inside the house when the flood hit. Brown hair. Blue calico dress. Valuables to D P. Hensill. 101 Centre street, Johnstown, Pa Weight 150. Height 5 feet 7 inches. Female. Middle-aged. Checkered knee pants. Marden A. Dahlstedt wrote the young adult novel, Michael Stephan Oates wrote the historical fiction novel. Female. Height 5 feet 4 inches. Ear-drop in left ear round gold ball. Dark complexion. Catholic. Chinaman. One small key. Male. Brown and black mixed pants No coat or vest. Age about sixty Weight about 140. height about 5 feet 6 inches. Short full face. A. Hayes, of Hayes, Murray Co., 1103 Race street, Philadelphia. Rhinestone ear-rings ruby set, two sets lost out. Female. Female Age about forty-five. Black and white stripe wool skirt. Two pocket-knives. [21] The long-awaited report was presented at that meeting by James Francis. Lovers burnt and sweethearts drowned, A boy. Unmarried. [9] Unger, Parke, and the rest of the men continued working until exhausted to save the face of the dam; they abandoned their efforts at around 1:30p.m., fearing that their efforts were futile and the dam was at risk of imminent collapse. Ages cannot be estimated. Female. Female. Male. Medium stature Weight about 140. Height 5 feet 4 inches. Earrings. Black basque. Age forty to forty-five. Female. During the middle of the flood, rumors circulated that a dam upstream of the city was going to fail, and this sent citizens in a rush to get to higher ground, fearing a repeat of 1889. Height 4 feet 5 inches. Short knee pants, black and white. 5 feet 6 inches height. Piece of dress. Buried at Prospect. Papers marked W.E Kegg found upon him Mother lives in Harrisburg. Buttoned shoes. Claimed by Sol. Age twenty-five. Purse delivered to brother. Black stockings. Checkered waist. Female Dark hair. Those who reached attics or roofs, or managed to stay afloat on pieces of floating debris, waited hours for help to arrive. Weight 225. Age thirty to forty. Gold watch and chain. Cuff-buttons in wrist band of sleeve White cotton socks. Two small bags. Collar with scapular and cross crape around it. Identified by the husband, Mark Drew. Eighty. Weight 110. Age five years. Canton flannel undershirt. 1889 Johnstown Flood morgue records of found bodies Disk will be mailed pdf . Blue undershirt Short stockings. Two plain rings on third finger of left hand. Age about thirty. Male. White. The Johnstown Flood of 1889 Challenging the Findings of the ASCE Investigation Report. GC-PP: Grandview Cemetery Public Plot-Bodies found but not recovered by family/friends GCS: German Catholic Cemetery (Sandyvale) LYC: Lower Yoder Catholic Cemetery Charles Baines received the above. Gingham apron. Male. Blue plaid dress. Button shoes. Black hair. Breast-pin. Female Burned beyond recognition. Spectacles with case. Light hair. Large gold button, oval shape, engraved. Sex unknown. The HillBenders, along with a varied underbill of touring artists and local and regional talent. Earrings Silver ring on middle finger of left hand. 777 bodies were never identified, buried in unmarked graves. Dark hair. Ear-rings. Plain gold ring. Male. Wife of Moses Owens. Aged. Buried at Sandy Vale in lot of John Tittle. Empty purse Buried at Prospect, June 9th. Height 4 feet 3 inches. No shoes nor stockings. Small key. Female. Brown socks. Blue and white checkered bib. T Swank, in payment of. Thirty pennies. Height 4 feet 3 inches. Male. Age about eight. Female. Letters, etc., etc. Female. Brown hair. Blue or hazel eyes. Age thirty. . Female. No valuables. Body delivered to her brother. Dark eye-brows. A female. Bunch of keys. Fifty cents. Onthe body was found regis- tered letters, a receipt bearing date of February 13, and the name of Mrs. Anna M. Dairny, Beaver Falls, Pa. Frengle has been in the habit of keep- ing considerable money in the house, and at the time of the attempted bur- glary had about $2,000 in his possession. A coupon book, Johnstown and Stony Creek R.R. Black and white striped dress with a black cross stripe. No valuables. Leather boots. Some people, realizing the danger, tried to escape by running towards high ground, but most were hit by the surging floodwater. Body taken by son-in-law, Friedman, to Pittsburgh. Weight 135. Two gold rings on right hand. Found in Conemaugh Borough. Tickets to exhibition by the pupils of St. John's School, June 20th. Rubber finger ring in pocket. Weight 140. Red flannel drawers. Female. The American Red Cross, led by Clara Barton and with fifty volunteers, undertook a major disaster relief effort. Female. Age twenty-five or thirty years. Red flannel skirt. White muslin or canton flannel underwear. Weight 180. Buttoned shoes. Age fifty. Light dress. Female. Male. Large buckle with half moon on coat. Male. Male. Female. Age about twenty. Supposed to be Walter Jones. Blue shirt. White Age twenty. Looking-glass. Gray and black striped knee pants. White vest. Female. $4.65 in money. Empty pocketbook. Height 5 feet. Blue striped waist and dress. Age fifteen. Perhaps the primary reason why the Johnstown Flood made such a profound impact on . Long gold breast-pin. Black cotton hose Button shoes. Brownish red hair. Height about 5 feet 3 inches. Coat red lining, brass buttons with eagles thereon. East Conemaugh. Height 5 feet 9 inches. Black wool hose. With blue merino stockings. Brown hair Dark blue stockings with white soles. . Female. Light complexion Hazel eyes Calico apron. Age about ten. Red knit skirt. Pennsylvania's South Fork Dam exploded and unleashed a 40-foot wall of water. Burned beyond recognition. Lisle thread mitts. Blue calico dress, with white spots. Dark clothes. The force of the flood swept several locomotives weighing 170,000 pounds as far as 4,800 feet, $3,742,818.78 was collected for the Johnstown relief effort from within the U.S. and 18 foreign countries, The American Red Cross, led by Clara Barton and organized in 1881, arrived in Johnstown on June 5, 1889 it was the first major peacetime disaster relief effort for the, Johnstown has suffered additional significant floods in its history, including in. Age twelve. Catholic. Male. Weight 150. Black cloth wrapper, buttoned in front to knees. Male. Child about two years old. Plain gold ring on third finger of left hand. Heavy sandy hair. It's like the Johnstown Flood in PA in the 19th century. Female. Male. Female. Age about thirteen. Davis T., C., Coleman, Neil M., Meyers, Reed A., and Kaktins, Uldis (2009). Bunch of keys with tag marked "E. M Thomas." Foot of female. Prospect, June 14th. Age two years. Bricker, Henry, Grandview Cemetery Public Plot-Bodies found but not recovered by family/friends Bridges, Chas., 2, Cambria, Lower Yoder Catholic Cemetery Gold watch and chain, with horn attached. Male Age about thirty to thirty-five. Frank Shomo, the last known survivor of the 1889 flood, died March 20, 1997, at the age of 108. Age about thirty-six. Blue clothes. Brown cloth shirt, plaited in front, small plaits. Female Buttoned shoes Rubbers. On Day Express. Height 4 feet 5 inches. Female child. Brown badge, O. O. S. of A. Valuables taken by her sister, Mrs. Ella Mulhern. Female. One body was even recovered 100 miles away in Steubenville, Ohio (Coleman 2019). Knee pants and brown and black striped, good. Fine laced shoes. Lake Mead flooded a vast area of the desert when the Hoover Dam was built. Buttoned shoes, soles well worn. Female. Sex unknown. Barred flannel skirt. She is one . 135 pounds. Purse with $8.00. Aged about thirteen months. The body entirely nude, excepting two small pieces of skirt or petticoat Found at Ten Acre in the river, July 3d. Two pairs of gold glasses. Blue and white striped shirt. Burnt beyond recognition. Middle finger of left hand stiff from some former injury. [3] A hydraulic analysis published in 2016 confirmed that the changes made to the dam by the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club severely reduced its ability to withstand major storms. Brown eyes. Two sisters and three brothers lost. Male. Brown eyes. Red and black barred blue woolen stockings. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Large pocket-book with papers. Supposed to be gray flannel shirt. Light complexion. Weight about seventy-five pounds. Purse with seventeen cents. Age eight or nine. Weight 150. Child. Two rings on finger of left hand. Height 5 feet Small rolled plate ear-drops. . No valuables. Claimed by Wm. White. Ring marked "K. T. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Height 5 feet 4 inches. False upper teeth. Suppose to be James Haltzman. . Greatly decomposed. Red skirt. Black hair mixed with gray. Two gold rings. At his father's request sent to Irish Catholic Cemetery. Overcoat. Age about twenty-five. Age nine or ten. Door key. Weight 150. Heavy red wool coat. Pocket-book. One gold ring. Two plain hoop rings on third finger of left hand. Black hair. Emblem pin of A.O.K. Johnstown Police detectives were . Black ribbed hose. Age thirteen. Age ten to twelve. With a population of 30,000, it was a growing industrial community known for the quality of its steel.[7]. Muslin drawers. Weight about 45 pounds. Age fifty or fifty-five. Two small rings. [14] A Lidar analysis of the Conemaugh Lake basin reveals that it contained 14.55 million cubic meters (3.843 billion gallons) of water at the moment the dam collapsed. Weight 125. Red undershirt. Found in Charles Mesher's store above stone bridge. Main street, Johnstown, Pa. Gold watch and chain with charm. Red and white striped skirt. Small child. Large front teeth not close together. Large. Height about 5 feet 4 inches. . Identified by his partner, Mr. Jas. Buried as unknown 216, from Millville School Morgue, at Prospect Disinterred and buried in lot of Conrad Raab, Sandy Vale, June 12th. Left leg off three inches below the knee. Button-hook. Auburn hair. Age fifty. Age twenty-four. Wart on left shoulder. Ring on forefinger of left hand. White linen collar with brilliant collar-button. Height about five feet eight inches. Waist of narrow striped black and white goods. Brown hair. The Johnstown Flood occurred on May 31, 1889, after the catastrophic failure of the South Fork Dam, located close of the town of Johnstown. Spiral garters. Male. He gave the investigation report to outgoing Becker to decide when to release it to the public. Wrench screw. Button shoes. Coat of brown cloth, same as dress waist, with large, white pearl buttons. Gray and black barred coat with black buttons. Plaited underskirt with edging two inches wide. Female. Comment. Full beard three-fourths gray. Breast-pin. Pocket-knife. Black dress. Light hair. Eighteen months old. [15] From his idle locomotive in the town's railyard, the engineer John Hess heard and felt the rumbling of the approaching flood. Gray eyes. Brown and white ring hose. Blue gingham striped apron Blue woolen dress. Age five or six years. Age about twenty-six. Son of Mrs Thomas Howe. Brown hair. Paper No. Crippled in both feet, and wore steel leg supporters. Black hair. Age ten years. To Sandy Vale for burial. Height 5 feet 8 inches. Buried at "Prospect," June 9. Heavy head of hair. Black cloth laced shoes. Male Age twenty. Bunch of keys. Large buckeye in pocket. Age eighteen months. Buried in lot of Henry Hesselbrie, Sandy Vale, June 9th. Silver open faced watch, Elgin movement Silver chain. Brown eyes. Age twenty. Muslin drawers. Height 4 feet 4 inches. Hazel eyes. Killed on P. R. R. July 14, 1889. Female. $497million in 2016), and 4 square miles (10km2) of downtown Johnstown were completely destroyed. Age thirty-five. Weight 135. Smooth shaven face. Pair of shears Eye-glasses. Height 5 feet 9 inches. Two cuff-buttons. White dress with spots. Flannel shirt. Gold chain with charm, marked "God with us." Large Brown gray hair. $2.50. Satteen Polonaise. Large bar blue and white gingham waist. White cotton drawers. Found near Walnut street. Found in water at Ten Acre. Incredibly, bodies continued to be found for months and even years after the flood, some as far away as Cincinnati. Hair long and brown. Four keys. Initials R. A. W. Valuables. During the day in Johnstown, the situation worsened as water rose to as high as 10 feet (3.0m)[13] in the streets, trapping some people in their houses. Small red mustache. Market street, Johnstown, Pa. Open faced gold watch. Red flannel skirt. Age thirty-five to forty. Fair complexion. Relief committees were organized in all the larger American cities. Weight 85. Fair complexion. Wore truss and had false teeth. Light hair slightly gray. Tape line. Son of Henry Viering. Green corded petticoat. One very small key. Full face. Bible. Weight 60. The death toll hit 2,209 with one out of three bodies found being unidentifiable. Black pants with white thread. Female. Sandy hair. Therefore, the official death toll should be 2,208. Female. Light hair. High broad forehead. Female. R. O., 1886. Afterwards identified as Mrs. Frawater, mother of Colonel Frawater. Money and pass book in express office. Blue collar with white dots. Age about ten. Long gold breast-pin with stone setting. Gray hair. Black silk stockings. Boy. Twelve years old. Age fourteen years. On May 28, 1889, a low-pressure area formed over Nebraska and Kansas. Woolen underskirt. After the flood, survivors suffered a series of legal defeats in their attempts to recover damages from the dam's owners. History Of The Great Flood In Johnstown PA, Ogilvie, 1889, Sales agent's copy. Black pants. Red woolen stockings. How many victims were never identified in the Johnstown flood? However, as pointed out by historian David McCullough,[2] a man reported as presumed dead (not known to have been found) had survived; Leroy Temple returned to Johnstown eleven years after the disaster and revealed he had extricated himself from the flood debris at the Stone Bridge, walked out of the valley, and relocated to Beverly, Massachusetts. Buttoned shoes. Age about forty. Identified by brother. Weight 135. Blue calico dress with small yellow stripes. Female. Blue eyes. Bunch of keys Sent to Prospect. A female. Barefooted. Brown hair. Large pocket-knife and five cents. Black pants. Chain with cross attached. Heavy knit stockings. Red and black barred necktie. Male. Boy baby. Female. Pocket-book and buckeye. Female Age about six months. Height about 4 feet 6 inches. Low round forehead. Supposed to be Mrs. Griffin. Key ring with Yale flat key and two door keys. Brown dress with red plaited front and cuffs. Supposed to be Patrick Fagan. Aged twenty-five. Coat with belt. One band ring on finger of right hand. R.R. Tall and slender. Shoes and one gum shoe. Upper teeth false. Blue and white barred calico dress. Portage street, Conemaugh Borough. 81 cents in change. Knife. R.R. A female supposed to be or resembles Miss Ella Layton. Earrings. Gray eyes. Identified by Mrs. Bingle. Bunch of keys. Age sixty. Supposed to belong to the Salvation Army. Black set pin. James Reese. Male. About fifteen years old. Heavy brown hair. Plain white underskirt. Catholic. Saloon-keeper, Clinton street. Bodies turned up 600 miles away in Cincinnati, and as late as 1911. . Age three. Bunch of keys. Wine color lining to collar and black silk facing. Height 5 feet 6 inches Black and white striped skirt. Turned up nose. High gum boots. One old knife. Buried at Prospect, June 9th. Height 2 feet 6 inches. Woodvale. About twenty. The flood lasted only 10 minutes, but the destruction and fear continued . Eyes unknown. Blue and white barred skirt. Female. Male. Height 5 feet 8 inches Black hair Gray eyes. Knife and pencil. Reese. Height 4 feet. Age about six. Age about thirty. Green cloth dress Blue checkered apron and white apron underneath Gold ring with red set. Female. Paper with Chinese letters. Rings in possession of R. B. Rodgers. Age eighteen to twenty-five. Female. Baby. Female. Also had watch, wallet and papers received from Safety Deposit Company and given to brother-in-law, E.P. Age about seventeen. Barton would leave Johnstown a hero. Red hair. Small foot. Scarlet underwear. Supposed to be nursing. Could not remove ring. No valuables. Female. High button shoes, spring heel. Blue shirt waist. Hair half gray. Male. 4. Female. Cork-screw vest. true. Head burned off Dark lace shoes. Female. Bald in front, with large wart on right side of head. Female. Record of Bodies. Had been fifty-five years in America. Age twelve years. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Valuables. National Guard. Black hair. Female. Medium weight. Light complexion. Pocket knife. HISTORY OF THE JOHNSTOWN FLOOD. Weight about 120. Female Age about nine years. Light brown hair Gray eyes. A young lady about twenty. Age twenty to twenty-five Brown hair. Female. Left foot of child. Light brown hair. Boy. Large wallet. Female Age about five years. Blue waist. Buttoned shoes, tipped spring heels. Heavy nose. Light complexion. Female. Age sixty-nine. Gum boots. Removed Ring given to her sister, Mrs. Wm. Letter found on body addressed to Minnie Linton, Lincoln avenue, Johnstown, Pa Signed, S. Clark Dougherty, Female. Jean pants. Red socks. (2017). Spring heeled shoes. $36.85 in cash. A strong surface low pressure of around 1000 mb is centered over Kentucky at this hour and heavy rain is falling . Ring at Fourth Ward Morgue. Eventually, gravity caused the surge to return to the dam, resulting in a second wave that hit the city from a different direction. Age forty or forty-five. Weight 90. Black hose. Age about three years. Height 5 feet 2 inches. Age fifteen. St. John's, on lot of James Diamond. "Prospect," 6/10. Weight 75. Button shoes. Blue eyes. White flannel skirt. 5 shoes. Identified and taken by friends. Earrings plain gold. Sent to Prospect. Black and swollen. Weight 130. Large. All survived. Although some were temporarily interred in makeshift memorial sites, 1,222 . Gray woolen shirt. 2:05. Weight 160 Height 5 feet 6 inches. Receipt to Robert Bossett, from Geo. Age ten or eleven. Height 5 feet. This led to American law changing from a fault-based regime to one of strict liability. The valley had large amounts of runoff from rain and snowfall. 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